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Catch and Cook Freshwater YABBIES, Prawns | The Wilderness Living Challenge 2016 S01E07 - ONWARD


Let's do a catch n cook freshwater yabbies in this survival challenge!

The reality of pulling up stakes and moving on, rather than spending the morning fishing and hopefully returning to camp for a meal, was that we'd have to rely on any food supplies we had in excess in order to move forward, and those were looking quite grim.

Fish broth likely contained ample calories, but it was not easily tolerated. The fishy brew was not something we were used to consuming early in the morning - but we did our best to choke some down. We also had milkweed which didn't offer much energy at all but at least filled our stomachs, at least for a small while.

Finally we had crayfish which turned out to be quite tasty, but only provide a small amount of calories - about 87 calories per 100 grams. Also, we'd have to split 3 crayfish, two-ways. That amount of meat was certainly no where near the 10 pounds of crayfish your body requires to reach the active person's daily requirement of 3,300 calories.

However, our move came with the hope of better fishing, berries in plenty, and at the very least, potable water.

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