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Your Mom's House Podcast - Ep. 494 w/ Joey "Coco" Diaz

Hola Mamacitas. Ever wonder what Mommy Tina would be like IN THE FUTURE? We go into a time machine to find out. The Master of Accents is reminded of his time in London with Russell Peters. Plus, wouldn't it be cool if you could just have someone pick out your clothes for you everyday? OH BOY, Joey Diaz straight up wanders into Studio Jeans!

With the great and hilarious Joey Diaz, EVERYTHING gets discussed. From Lori Laughlin to Jussie Smollett to Robert Kraft. Joey just gets into ALL of it and even includes every big word the Mommies have ever heard with their Mommy Ears. Joey also has some advice for Josh Potter, witnesses the most disgusting girl he ever saw and tells us what he sees for the future. Did we mention Ross Perot? Joey talks about Ross Perot and it's wild. Strap in and keep your hands and feet inside the jeans. This is a roller coaster, Mommies!

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