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LIFE IN SANCTUARY HILLS | Part 2 - Huge, realistic Fallout 4 settlement and lore | RangerDave

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► Welcome to my channel, formerly known as "EvilViking13"! - Ranger Dave
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● See my PC build & desk setup: http://bit.ly/RangerDaveDesktop
● SEE PART 1 HERE: https://youtu.be/bLNljpYE8jA
● SEE PART 2 HERE: https://youtu.be/_ZcdJtV3WLk
● SEE PART 3 HERE: https://youtu.be/zU6dN0sYNRM
● SEE PART 4 HERE: https://youtu.be/kQTczkIEhSE

→ Visit "Pleasure Island", Joel's hive of scum and villainy: https://youtu.be/9AVKOd9dYB4
→ Don't miss out on my other realistic Fallout settlement builds! http://bit.ly/EV13Settlements
→ The legend of Ranger Dave is real! See the full teaser and subscribe for the full short film here: https://youtu.be/lwuTlqn5m3A

● My most CURRENT MOD LIST can always be found in this Google Doc → http://bit.ly/EV13FalloutMods

● See me in Joel's film soon! http://www.normanthefilm.com/
● The ridiculous board game Joel invented, Nebula from Hell: http://www.thenebulafromhell.com/

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» Community Teamspeak Server: ts22.gameservers.com:9457

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