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How magnetometer works? | Working of magnetometer in a smartphone | MEMS inside magnetometer


How stuff works??? - Magnetometer
In the current video we discuss the physics behind working of the magnetometer. Magnetometer is another key component in IMU (Inertial measurement unit). IMU is widely used in space vehicles, satellites, unmanned vehicles. The most common equipment we use in our daily lives having IMU is a smartphone. Be it android or ios, every smartphone has an magnetometer built into it. So what does magnetometer measure? Well, it is used to determine the component of magnetic field or magnetic field strength in X, Y and Z planes in 3d space. Using these values of magnetic fields, apps in the smartphones can calculate the net magnetic field around the phone and gives the user a rough idea of orientation in 3d space. When readings of magnetometer are combined with the data from gyroscope and accelerometer (the other components in IMU), the orientation of the body in 3d space can be obtained and location of the body can be determined. The video first discusses the basic principle of hall effect and how it is used to determine the magnetic field strength. The value of magnetic field is inferred by measuring the voltage generated across a hall effect sensor. The video also explains how and why this voltage gets generated. Hope you enjoy the video and learn about the magnetometer. Stay calm and keep learning :)

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