Pokémon Ultra Sun Walkthrough Part 24: Mina’s Trial and Kahuna Hapu

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Pokémon Ultra Sun Walkthrough
Part 24: Mina’s Trial and Kahuna Hapu

With the light now returning to Alola, it’s time to finish things up with the Island Chalenge. Surprisingly it’s Mina’s turn and her trial is a bit unexpected.

First you have to battle her and she has a team of Fairy-type Pokemon. Packing either Poison or Steel-types can be beneficial in taking her team down. Afterwards the island trial begins. Your job is to travel all other Alola and meet up with the various other Trial Captains. Some of them will face you in battle.

Ilima is spotted in Hau’oli Cemetery. Mallow is in Lush Jungle along with Lana. Kiawe is in Wela Volcano Park and you have to face the Hiker guy again. Afterwards is Sophocles in Hokulani Observatory and then the Aether House for Acerola. Depending on the version, you’ll face off against a set number of battles.

Ultra Sun is Ilima, Mallow, Kiawe and Sophocles. Ultra Moon is Ilima, Lana, Kiawe, Sophocles and Nanu. Beating each of them will net you a Petal. Once you have all 7 Petals, return to Mina. She’ll take the petals and use them to form a Rainbow Flower. This attracts the attention of the Totem Pokemon, Ribombee.

Ribombee is a Bug/Fairy type that is Level 55 and it’s aura boosts its stats by two stages. You’re in for a fight alright and it’s made no better by the fact that it has Blissey and Pelipper as ally Pokemon. Focus on Ribombee first. Having a Poison type like Salazzle can ensure that you survive. Just be wary because it has Quiver Dance and the more that’s used, the harder it becomes. After you deal with Ribombee, take care of it’s ally Pokemon and that’s it. You earn Fairium Z for completing the trial.

After that, you learn that Hapu is in Exeggutor Island. Head there and you’ll face off against the Kahuna Hapu. She has ground-types so Water, Ice and Grass types are what you’ll need here.

Kahuna Hapu
Lv53 Golurk
Lv53 Gastrodon
Lv53 Flygon
Lv54 Mudsdale

Defeating Hapu will complete the fourth Grand Trial and you’ll earn Groundium Z. With all four Grand Trials complete, only one place remains and that’s to head to Mount Lanakila.

In Part 25, that’s where we’ll go.

* * *

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