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State Police Cars Responding Compilation: Lights + Sirens [Massachusetts]

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has arrested several Massachusetts State Police officers on federal charges of embezzlement. Here you will see a collection of police cars of the beleaguered Massachusetts State Police (MSP) responding and on scene of an accident in Boston.

The MSP has been in the news a lot recently, mostly for its police officers being arrested by the FBI on federal and state embezzlement charges regarding overtime pay. Just a few days ago the 7th MSP trooper pleaded GUILTY in federal court to such federal charges.

Read more about it here:

The MSP also made the news for hiring a trooper that had a criminal background as a drug dealer. Read here:

There's also the scandal of falsifying reports. The entire Troop E along the Massachusetts Turnpike was dissolved due to the overtime scandal. Hundreds of Mass State Troopers make more than the governor of Massachusetts due to not having a pay cap on their overtime salaries such as is in place for the United States Secret Service who cannot earn more than $189,000 a year. No such cap exists for the MSP, and some troopers make more than $300,000 from lucrative overtime jobs by being present in their police car at work sites and road construction sites.

Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

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