How Was Guru Dronacharya Born? | Ramayana Mahabharatha Hidden Facts | Unknown Facts in Telugu

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Dronacharya Birth Life. The story of Droṇa's birth is narrated in the ishi Bharadwaja was getting ready to do his evening prayers. He went to the Ganga River to take his usual bath but was amazed to find a beautiful woman bathing at his usual spot in the river. On seeing Rishi Bharadwaja, the beautiful Apsara Krithaji got out of the Ganga River wearing a single loin cloth. Rishi Bharadwaja was moved by the heavenly beauty of the Apsara. Rishi Bharadwaja was overpowered by the moment and he involuntarily emitted his semen The Rishi collected this sperm in aclay pot and stored it in a dark place in his Ashram Drona was born in this pot.

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