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Maddys Awards 2019 | Vinisha Vision Award Winning Advertising Agency | K V Kathiravan

#VinishaVision #Maddys #AwardWinningADAgency

Vinisha Vision bags three prestigious awards at maddys 2019

Chennai: Advertising club Madras conducts the most prestigious award function “The MADDYS” every year to recognize and appreciate the creators and their ideas in the field of advertising. This year the award function was held in the month of March at ITC Grand Chola, Chennai. National level leading advertising companies have registered their best Creatives in the field of advertising. Competing with more than 300 creative ideas, Vinisha vision, the leading adverting experts, has banged three Prestigious MADDYS awards for their best creatives.

Vinisha vision, having experience in the field of advertising for 20 years, is a magnificent company with a pool of best employees with stupendous creative skills. Over the years they have worked with national level popular brands in sculpting their image and magnify their outlook to the intended audience. They always approach the product from the customer point of view and intend the customer to create an emotional connect with the product. They do a proper research about the product and similar products that are available in the market. After which, they have a brain storming session with their creative team to come up with the best creative idea. They discuss the best ideas with their clients and impress them by bridging the gap between them and the customers. By creating the advertisements that the customer can relate to their day today life, has helped their clients to increase their turn over every year from 20% to 50%. Multiple clients retain their business with Vinisha vision for their dedication and the path they follow to reach the products to the customers. They provide 360 degree of advertising like creative designing, media planning, Ad films, outdoor advertising, event management and digital marketing.

They bang more than one MADDYS awards every year. This year, Like adding another feather to the crown, they have won three MADDYS awards in the category“Best use of cinema”, “Best use of radio” and “best packing”.

They won the “best use of Cinema” award for brand “PONVANDU DETERGENT POWDER AND SOAP”. They have promoted the brand name in the movie Seemaraja in an important scene by the lead actor of the movie. “Best use of radio” for most popular and sensational ad for the brand UDHAIYAM DHALL, “PASSPORT ILLAMA FOREIGNA!” in Tamil. And “Best Packaging” for creating the logo for Halo elaneer for the brand “SOWKEA HALO ELANEER”.

The Managing director of “Vinisha Vision” K.V.Kathiravan soulfully thanked the Advertising Club Madras, for recognizing the work of the creators and motivating them to create more. He dedicated the awards to all his clients for believing in him and giving an opportunity to create good work and acknowleged the efforts of family members of Vinisha Vision.

#LeadingAdAgencyInChennai #ChennaiLeadingADAgency

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