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Jon Taffer Rips Apart Company Looking for Investment - Big Brain Episode 7

Thanks to Cash App for making it happen.

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Presented by CashApp.

Jon Taffer Rips Apart Men's Hygiene Product - Big Brain Episode 7

So personally I think The Big Brain is one of the best things we’ve produced at Barstool. And yeah for the peanut gallery we obviously got the idea from Shark Tank. No shit Sherlock. But this wasn’t done just for content. We were actually looking for real companies to invest in. I basically had an unlimited budget to work with and two brilliant businessmen in Mike Repole and Jon Taffer to help assist me with the decisions. Thanks to Cash App and everybody involved in producing this show and hopefully you guys like it. More importantly hopefully all the companies we invested in becoming fucking monster big and help me buy a ton more horses.

We will be releasing a new episode every Wednesday at 2pm for 10 weeks starting today.

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