TAEYEON 태연 - [2nd mini album] Why - piano cover 피아노

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Taeyeon Piano Music on Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2WhKr9n
Kpop Piano Music on Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2wh8usT

Taeyeon is life =w=
This is the first time ever I apply such intensive LH hand melodies and variations in Kpop, usually I only arrange like this for Anime OP/ED. Thumbs up if you do like this style, it's also my favourite style and I feel most comfortable playing like this!:33 Some ppl dont like it becuz it sounds too different from the original ;d

I didn't make this hard, the fastest notes are just 16th with 105 bpm, this way, I can record this without too much pressure, tho I made quite a bit of mistakes in this haha

Some explanations for Kpop fans ! about this piece - This intro is actually taken from the original song in the MV, I modified and extended it a bit so the piece can move to the verse flawlessly. Here, the right hand becomes the accompaniment instead of the main melody, while the left hand taking care of the melody and bass. This is what we called LH melodies, which is also my favourite approach to a song ;33 after the verse, we have the bridge featuring 16th notes runs and variated melodies. Then heres come the chorus, which is the easiest part ~ simple pattern, make my life much easier when it comes to recording! after that, we have a 2nd verse, this is the HARDEST part! the rhythm is very tricky, this is where I usually screw up..... After that, the 2nd bridge with some LH melodies as a transition to the final part. (the two hand arpeggio was inspired by Navarone BOO!) Finally, I inserted a variation of Taeyeon -" I "as the Coda, bringing this piece to an end - with a Jazz note at the very end lol

I am NOT ready for the spring season yet T_T Have couple more Kpop to play...

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