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Valentine's Day Pay It Forward

How cool would it be to surprise a lonely senior citizen with a visit on or around Valentine's Day? Too busy? This charity will do it for you.

Little Brothers-Friends of the Elderly commissioned Granny to get the word out about visiting lonely seniors on Valentine's Day, second only to Christmas as the loneliest day of the year for people who live by themselves, or in a retirement community, and whose family is gone or far away. It's like how Big Brothers and Big Sisters is to kids, but, it's Little Brothers- Friends of the Elderly. Make a granny or a grampa happy. Show up and spread some cheer and hugs and giggles.



Starring Peggy Glenn as Granny PottyMouth

Writer/producer: Stefania Poletti, Kindvertising

Executive Producer: Nikki Therrien, Executive Director
Little Brothers, Friends of the Elderly (LBFE) Boston Chapter

Camera/Sound: Bruce Lithimane, City Goat Productions

Editing: Bruce Lithimane, City Goat Productions

Funny #$%*&#$ videos from a sweet Granny with an affinity for cussing. Granny PottyMouth finally has a place to let the language fly - she's bawdy, yet tasteful - she's no BS and full of fun - she's the granny you wish would sit around the table with you and just let the opinions and wisdom flow, censors be damned! She's so full of spunk and piss'n'vinegar that she's irresistible - just empty your bladder before launching one of her videos. Be sure to subscribe, and share with your friends. Everybody needs more Granny and her PottyMouth. Enjoy!

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