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Robin Shute, first Briton to win the Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb

In this video, we are proud to present Robin Shute – the first Briton ever to win the Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb!

Pike’s Peak is a 14-thousand-foot mountain located in the South of the Rocky Mountains range in Colorado, USA. It’s also home to what has been dubbed as The Race to the Clouds – a breathtaking competition that’s been taking place for over a century. There are no rules, no regulations. Only 12.5 miles (20km) of winding mountain road, 156 turns, and treacherous weather conditions.

Britain’s Robin Shute is part of a team of friends that calls itself Sendy, and the Honda race car that roared across the finish line at best time was an obvious choice for the group. As per the lack of rules in the PPIHC, racers can build whatever car they desire. And with a few tweaks and modifications, the 4-cylinder Honda engine was able to come out the winner of the Race to the Clouds 2019.

Shute managed to maneuver up the tricky Pike’s Peak track, past the endless ‘W’s’, and skillfully handling the unpredictable winds and bumpy roads in the last part of the race – all in just 9mins 12.476secs.

The car that was chosen for the task was the Wolf GB08, which is originally a track car. So, serious modifications had to be made in order to adapt the Honda racing car to the uphill drive. Among other things, the team played around with the aerodynamics of the vehicle so as to create a lot of downforce. And another vital modification that sealed the deal was adding in the turbo.

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