Chapter 2 - Partner Dialogue Differences - Paper Mario (GCN)

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Alrighty, this section introduces our newest companion, Madame Flurrie, which now means I have to go *third* round at any partner dialogue differences! Quite a few things to see here, and again, the encounter with Ms. Mowz is the highlight of the bunch!

Also... you may notice that I'm cutting a bit out of some conversations here... it's most grievous when the Puni Elder is on screen. I'm just thinking it may be a bit toooo long if I have every little bit said before and after a Partner speaks up. That said, I've also left in some conversation pieces that I was considering excising, like the bits with Punio (the small fella with me near the start). What I'd like to know is if I should just leave *all* conversation surrounding a partner in, cut out almost *everything* but the immediate significant area around a partner's dialogue, or... use a blend of the two - leave most of it to my discretion?

Many thanks to input on this! (I may be going on a slower production cycle now, and will take all said into consideration.)

NOTE: Sometimes the partners don't go into a talking animation when they are, uh.. talking. You can see this during the last bit at the 13:15 mark. This can sometimes make catching *them* talking trickier... like, say.... when you have 101 Punies running around your feet and a certain "Punio" often fills in for partner dialoguing. I think I didn't misattribute anything, but it's worth noting the possibility.

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