tnpsc group 1|answer key |03.03.2019 - vTomb

tnpsc group 1|answer key |03.03.2019

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tnpsc group 1|answer key |03.03.2019


tnpsc group 1 answer key 2019|03.03.2019

1.hi friends today we are looking for TNPSC GROUP 1 PRELIMINARY exam aptitude answer key tnpsc 2019,

2 .we are looking the aptitude questions in step step by...

3.we are looking forward to the simple interest and compound interest tricky questions..

4.some tricky simplification problems asked for this time eo exam

5. we are solved with best shortcuts in time and work problem

6. solved with best shortcuts in the area of ratio and proportion problem

This video is very useful to learn ..whose are study like as Tnpsc group 1,Tnpsc Group 2,Tnpsc group 2a,Tnpsc group 4,Tet..all competitive exams...

In this video contains TNPSC TAMIL. in this channel useful for tnpsc preparation, tet preparations,group 1, group2, group2a, group 4, group 8, vao exams,, and also sslc 10th standard students. In this channel mostly concentrated on important questions,maths shortcuts,shortcut tricks,learning easy way, giving study materials. please subscribe my channel. Thank you....

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