Aurora ✨ Beautiful Straight Pour in Arteza Blues and DecoArt Soft Gold! 🎇

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Acrylic pour painting using a Straight Pour Technique, using Arteza colors and DecoArt Americana Decor Soft Gold, the pour blooms before your eyes into a beautiful mountain scene with Stars and the Aurora Borealis,

Hi Guys!
Todays pour is a straight pour onto a 20x20 gallery wrapped canvas using Arteza colors and DecoArt Americana Decor Metallic in Soft Gold. This is such a cool color, in some light it looks gold, and in different light it appears almost silver. Very pretty shifting effect.

My colors are
~Payne's Gray
~Pthalo Blue
~Veridian Green
DecoArt Americana Decor Metallic in
~Soft Gold


My pouring medium is Liquitex Gloss Medium & Varnish, a bit of water until its just thicker than the consistency I want, and then I add my Floetrol.. I use about as much Floetrol as I do Pouring medium.

This is a Straight Pour, meaning it is poured from up high onto the canvas.. Gravity churns and mixes the paint on the way down and creates lots of bubbles, which then become cells. No silicone is needed in a straight pour 😜

I put down a base coat of Payne's Gray and used the same color as the first color in my cup.
I explain how to create the small floating pearly cells along the edges..
I will show you the painting on the next day, tomorrow!

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Thank you for all your lovely comments and suggestions, you guys are amazing!

If you want to see more examples of my Art please check out Mina Villegas Art on Facebook

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As ever, much love and light... Mina 🌞

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