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~Torn~ Collab with CuPcAkEfAcE98 - Chapter 3
Maddie's POV:
"Y'all ready to leave?" I yell from the living room. I pull off another couch cushion to see if my keys are there. Nope. Ugh I'm so darn forgetful!
"What are you doing?" Dakota's voice comes from behind me. I didn't see her walk up.
"I'm looking for my stupid car keys." She chuckles and plops down on her knees next to me.
"I swear you lose those like ten times a day." A grin crosses her face, showing her two rows of braces.
"Just shut up and help me look," I say grouchily.
"Looking for these?" My gaze shifts up to see Stella dangling my keys in front of my face. I jump to my feet and do a little happy dance.
"Where were they?" I ask, shoving cushions back into the sofa. She shrugs, a coy smirk playing on her lips.
"In my purse."
"Stella, I swear if you-"
"No time for that! We've got a sexy boy band to meet!" Dakota yells as she grabs mine and Stella's hands and pulls us out the door. We basically jog down the four flights of stairs to the parking lot. Our car, it's a crappy minivan, is parked right out front. It's all we could afford on our almost nonexistent paycheck.
We jump in the car and start out on the 20 minute drive to the flat Josh shares with the boys. "Titanium" comes on the radio and Stella and I are dancing around and singing along when Dakota randomly turns it off.
"What the heck, Kota?" I ask. One glance at her tells me she's nervous. She's biting her lip, which she always does when she's anxious about something.
"What if they hate us?" She blurts out, keeping her eyes on the road. Dakota's the best driver out of the three of us since Stella and I get way too distracted for it to be safe.
Stella waves her hand, dismissing the thought.
"Don't be stupid, hun. We love you and so will they."
"What if they-"
"Ah ah ah!" I interrupt. "Don't you dare, missy. You're fantastic, and I don't give a crap if they're famous, because if they don't love you they're insane." A blush creeps onto her face and she loosens her grip on the steering wheel a little.
"We're here!" Stella squeals, giving me a random hug. Even though I'm trying to be confident, I can't help but be a little nervous. I mean, they're all hot and famous. Why would they even give me a second look?
Dakota rings the doorbell and I know there's no going back now.
Hope you liked it! Next chapter will be up on CuPcAkEfAcE98's channel :)

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