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Louise - Take Am Slow feat. Heyden Adama (Official Audio)

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Producer: Pajero

Social Media:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Louise71758248 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LouiseSalone/


“Take Am Slow” is a record that is close to my heart. I wrote it about a year ago in Makeni. After seeing certain situations in Freetown, and moving to Makeni to still see the same things happening to my sisters...or dare I say my sisters doing the same things. If you take the time out to listen, this record talks about patience as a virtue, prostitution, health risks, malicious acts, endurance, perseverance, greed, strength, success, and pains felt by the average woman. The record praises the beauty and strength of an African woman...WE ARE AMAZING!!
Listening to some of our sisters stories, you would know that most of them have their backs against the wall while the actions of a small number of them are deliberate.
Nevertheless, I wrote this track wanting to talk to my sisters.
I want them to know that you can live in the alleys now but with hard work you can move into to penthouse tomorrow.
I want them to know that the world should hear us, we need to let our voices be heard
I want my sisters to know that it might be murky right now but there would be a brighter day. That glint of light shall become permanent with just some effort, dedication and yes some pain.
Others have gone through worse and still came out conquerors - I can be that and more - that’s the mentality right there.
Like I said this track is personal to me and I got the pleasure of working with two talented artists on this record.
Heyden Adama dropped a massive hook and a verse on this record...one that resonates.
Her words were lined with optimism and positivity. And that unique voice she possesses was a perfect blend what I wanted to create and put out. I’ll be honest I wasn’t easy getting the perfect person for this hook - but my manager and I are two better heads.
Pa-Jero worked tirelessly in getting us a perfect beat and mixing the vocals.
Femi designed the artwork and Mobeatz designed the cover art and recorded Heyden’s vocals.
I want to say thanks to everyone that had a hand in making this happen.
We made history fam..... And we’re just getting started!

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