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10 Differences Between Brits and Americans

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In some ways Americans and British people would seem very similar at first glance. We look very similar, wear similar clothes, share the same language, and have some shared historical connections (including one that America is celebrating today). However, beyond just the fact that we use a lot of different words to mean the same things, or all the accents you would have to get used to, there are also many cultural differences and quirks that would instill culture shock in anyone who decided to jump across from one side of the pond to the other without doing their research first.

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10. British Humor Preferences Are Dry And Indirect, American Humor Is Very Loud And In Your Face
9. Gun Ownership is a Huge Difference That Greatly Affects the Different Cultures
8. Americans Hate Dynasties, Whereas the British Still Love Their Royal Family and its Rich History
7. Teeth in Britain Aren’t Unhealthy – They Just Aren’t as Worried about Straightening or Whitening
6. Eggs are Left Out Unrefrigerated When Sold in Great Britain – This Would Greatly Alarm Americans
5. More Than Half of Households in the United Kingdom Don’t Own Clothes Dryers
4. Drinks in the UK are Very Rarely Served With Ice, Whereas in America it’s Expected
3. In the USA, Television Programming is Much More Loud and Boisterous
2. Americans are Positive and Idealistic, British People are More Pessimistic but Down to Earth
1. People in the UK are Much Less Religious Than Those in the United States

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