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Customise your Android Smartphone - 2018 Edition.


In this video I show you ways you can customise your phone with themes, launchers, icon packs, and widgets in 2018! Android app links for the themes, wallpapers and widgets are below (2018):

KWLP: http://bit.ly/2DCZN1S
Great KWLP Presets:
Oblique: http://bit.ly/2OERx2p
Bleeding Edge: http://bit.ly/2QCxinQ
Hex Shaders: http://bit.ly/2RPgl9Z
VolumePie (Check free version works before buying pro - doesn't work on all phones): http://bit.ly/2QA5tww
Niagara Launcher: http://bit.ly/2qHTeTe
Chrooma Keyboard: http://bit.ly/2OFJRwX
Fleksy Keyboard: http://bit.ly/2FgBEzW
Mirror Lab: http://bit.ly/2Fkn36K

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Music is from Epidemic sound, and HomageBeats:


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