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Tech Talk: PAIR Valve Systems Explained

Tech Talk: PAIR Valve Systems Explained – Brock talks PAIR valve systems. What is it? What does it do and what does it mean to you and your motorcycle? We are addressing it with our 2017 GSX-R1000 project, so Brock decided to stop and allow you to explore this sometimes ‘mysterious’ system with him as he works his way from ‘Stock to Brock’!

Introduction – What is a PAIR valve? How does it work? Let’s find out!

1:00 PAIR (Pulsed Secondary AiR Injection System… I didn’t make this up)

2:30 Vacuum test using a simple piece of paper

3:10 Where did my vacuum go?!

4:04 Demonstration of PAIR openings in exhaust port using Busa cylinder head

4:50 “If I block my PAIR, will I pick up MORE POWER?!” (Uhhh… no, sorry)

5:50 Why would I want to block my PAIR?

6:23 Brock’s PAIR valve cap. The KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid) at its finest!

7:00 POW! CRACK! BAM! KA-BOOM! Maybe I DON’T want to block my PAIR

8:30 The difference between a BLOCKED and DISABLED PAIR in ECU flash technology.

9:15 What happens if I tune my bike without the PAIR valve blocked?


2017 GSX-R 1000 Information Page:

Visit for additional information, installation instructions, information forums, and FAQ sections.

Please watch: "2017 GSX-R1K S2B: Episode 4 - Exhaust Installation and Theory (Part 3): Full Exhaust Systems"

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