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3/28/19 Railfanning El Monte from the late afternoon to late night

After hearing that Jon's class was cancelled yet we were already at El Monte Metrolink station, we decided that we railfan here as long as we can that night for the Metrolink rush hour(ends after train 330) and in case if NS 1074 on the ISCLB came through here though sadly it did not. However, we got a lot of Metrolink trains-two of which using their K5LAs(SCAX 876-M326/M336-and SCAX 883-M334-) plus LTEX 18520(M328)- as well as three Union Pacific trains all seen between 4:50 PM through 10:20 PM.

The trains we captured are:
1. Metrolink train 320.
2. Metrolink train 322.
3. Metrolink train 331.
4. Metrolink train 324.
5. Metrolink train 326.
6. Metrolink train 328.
7. Metrolink train 333.
8. Metrolink train 330.
9. Metrolink train 335.
10. Metrolink train 332.
11. Union Pacific train ILCAI.
12. Metrolink train 337.
13. Metrolink train 334.
14. Union Pacific train ZAILC.
15. Metrolink train 336(last SB Line train).
16. WB Union Pacific train-intermodal/stack/trailers.

Enjoy & Thanks for Watching

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