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👮 Napier Prison: Scariest Place in New Zealand! – New Zealand's Biggest Gap Year


Day 261: Today we’re checking out one of the scariest places in New Zealand, Napier Prison in Hawke’s Bay! Take a self-guided tour through New Zealand’s oldest prison.

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-- About this video –

Looking for one of the cheap things to do in Napier? Or just happen to be looking for the scariest place in New Zealand? Napier Prison in Hawkes Bay definitely ticks both those boxes. Napier Prison is the oldest prison in New Zealand. What’s more, you can do a self-guided audio tour around Napier Prison including the hanging yard and gallows, graveyard, solitary confinement, cell block and more!

Napier Prison is also said to be one of the haunted places in New Zealand, being a set for TV shows like ghost hunters and more. Whether you’re looking for creepy places in New Zealand, or just want to check out a New Zealand prison, Napier Prison is a great option.

So what do you think of Napier Prison? Would you add this haunted location in New Zealand to your Napier travel itinerary? LUK in the comments.

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-- New Zealand Biggest Gap Year --

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