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AR 50 Training Run - Historic Folsom to Auburn

My longest run ever ended up somehow being a corrupt file on my watch. I can't go through points on the run, I can't see where I got lost (discussed below), I can't see all the damn climbing I did and my final elevation gain. I guess this is just another of many lessons learned on the trail. AHHHHHHHH! Who can relate?

The recap:
Slow and steady day. Started off with heavy pack of supplies, taking it easy. Didn’t eat near enough calories or water throughout day. Got lost after Granite Bay and found myself covering 3 miles rock scrambling and bushwhacking, until I reached the trail again. The unplanned excursion was a major hit on water levels and made me nervous for area outside of cell service. I pushed on and two awesome runners near rattlesnake bar gave me a bottle's worth of water with 9 miles to go. Feeling good at finish (like I could run 50 miles!). Big thank you to my husband who dropped off the car in Auburn and mountain biked home. :-)

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