Casual Violence - Briefly Sexual (Voidloss But Now Rotted With Disease Remix)

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Casual Violence & Voidloss - Mutual Violation EP: Sin011
Released by: Singularity Recordings
Release date: Apr 11, 2011

Release 11 on Singularity brings us back into darker realms. Two of techno's darkest, most creative artists remixing each other makes for an epic release. We start with the Casual Violence remix of Realisation of Mind Fractures by Voidloss. Casual Violence, known for his output of melancholy, shadowy music takes the original, already a formidably dark and twisted piece, and takes us even further into the abyss. Violence broken kick drums, factory chain hi hats, twisted metal atmospheres collide in rhythmic chaos for a truly storming opener for the EP. Voidloss remix of the chart smashing techno hit Briefly Sexual, by Casual Violence, takes us into the broken beat mayhem Voidloss has become known and respected for. The drone from the original is enhanced, layered over a fantastic machine funk beat with melodic sub. Piercing pads lead the famous briefly sexual vocal into the track for a breakdown. The break builds and twists, finally bursting back into a massive anthemic dark techno future classic. The sub rumbles under a beat that locks down tighter than before with melodic metallic synths, a restructured vocal, and that fantastic drone. The Casual Violence remix of Simple things for simple minds, by Voidloss, hits us next. Immediately the beat is more machine like, more ominous than the orginal. Some of the background ambience from the original is more upfront in the remix, making this mix more spacious. Gunshot hats push the beat forward as atmospheres build and warp, playing against the groove. A great heads down number perfect for locking down the dancefloor. The 2nd remix of Casual Violences Briefly sexual, provided by Voidloss, finishes the EP off nicely in a twisted way. This time everything is slowed down. The kicks are huge, pounding, each one like a collapsing building. The sluggish drone is given a valium injection, giving an underwater effect. White noise hats and snares keep things tight, the vocals are really twisted this time, swirling in and out of the mix. Liquid metal percussion smashes around the 2nd half of the tune like some out of control robot in a junkyard giving a slippery groove that should really get the feet moving.
All in all a very infectious, and contemporary end to an EPIC EP!!

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