The Vanguards - It's Too Late For Love [Lamp] 1969 Sweet Soul Harmony 45

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The Vanguards - It's Too Late For Love
Lamp Records # 652. Released in 1969.
Fabulous sweet soul harmony 45 side. Backing by the mighty Ebony Rhythm Band of "Soul Heart Transplant" fame. The drummer Matthew "Phatback" Watson is just off the hook here! By musical merit this double sider should be worth millions. Written By Anthony Black. Produced By Herb Miller.
I've just notice that my copy have an error on label in the song title "The Vanguards - it's TO late for love". Vinyl rip from Musicdawn 45's collection.

Listen to the funky b-side "The Vanguards - The Thought Of Loosing Your Love":

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