How To Overcome Stuttering: An Introduction Into The Hexagon (Episode 1)

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00:00 What is the Hexagon and its Individual points
14:00 How do the points on the hexagon relate and interact with eachother
18:00 How do i get started with the Hexagon
21:00 How to find support, you need support for this to work EFFECTIVELY
22:00 Loyalty to Organisations

The Hexagon

1) Intentions
2) Emotions
3) Perceptions
4) Behaviours
5) Default Beliefs
6) Physical State
= Manifestation of a Physical Response negative or positive.

This is a video into the conceptualisation of the stuttering system by John harrison; the hexagon.

This is a psychological model many of us Persons who stammer have used to improve our speech and our lives exponentially.

The hexagon is not in it self a therapy or programme, but a way to go about things to live a fuller and more fulfilling life with or without a stammer.

The Hexagon will be made easier to adopt if a person who stammers has already the right support and or is attending some sort of speech therapy.

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In the closet with persons who stutter: Overcoming Stuttering is a documentary which may provide useful insights and techniques into how to overcome stuttering.

Filmed and produced by persons who stutter for persons who stutter.

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