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Need something to watch as you get excited for the new James Bond flick, Spectre? We’re thinking you might enjoy something a bit more lighthearted, and if you enjoyed the spy spoof Austin Powers, you’ll love OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies . SUBSCRIBE:

Both are spy spoofs that take expert aim at the James Bond franchise, but where Austin Powers goes over-the-top on 60s camp, OSS 117 does convincing job of being a spy thriller in and of itself. Where Mike Myers as Austin Powers is loudly out-of-touch with his time, Jean Dujardin as OSS 117 subtly brings modern sensibilities to bear on the time period it’s mocking.

Plus, there’s a chicken fight!

Jean Durjardin went on to win an Oscar for hi work in The Artist, 5 years after the 2006 OSS 177: Cairo, Nest of Spies. The film was based on a series of spy novels by Jean Bruce. While the brand of comedy is different than that of the Austin Powers series, the brilliant send-up of Bond films is spot on in both cases, and we recommend both as viewing before or after Spectre. (Or during, if you want to be ‘that guy” in the movie theatre, I guess).

Have you seen OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of spies? Have you seen all the Austin Powers films? Did you enjoy The Artist? What other movies do you like that you’d like us to find something you might love?

We want to hear from you - Let us know in the comments below!

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It’s hard work, keeping up with all the great movies that are on everyone’s must-see lists. You know there are dozens (or hundreds) of flicks that might be considered “best of all time” by someone and so many great ones that you may not have heard of. So put on your cinephile britches and prepare to get recommended!

CineFix is here to help you out! We’ll be breaking down the classics old and new, letting you know what’s really essential and why. We’ll cover the great genre movies, the films that shaped a generation, and the movies that changed the face of the entertainment industry. As well as movies that are just plain awesome.

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