Tear-able Puns - Ft. David Does Voices (Undertale Comic Dub)

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Support Nick Nitro's Patreon!: https://www.patreon.com/NickNitro

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If you would like to use my music, here’s a full list on what you can do and cannot.
Always link the original song, and don’t contact me just to double check, just read this.

You CANNOT: re-upload my content in anyway that isn’t transformative and monetize it, you cannot extend my music (if you already did before this I made this change and have my permission don’t worry, you’re fine) re-upload of my content with different art, different title, use it for a non-fan game related project, claim you created my content, mashed it up with your own instruments, or compilations. If you do I will file a complaint to remove it immediately.

You CAN however: monetize the content if it’s transformative such as using it as background in livestreams, intros or outros, comic dubs, speedpaints, animations, use it as a backing instrumental for your own original lyrics. You can use it as background music in school projects, vlogs, critic, education, and commentary videos.

For FAN created content, if you need the music for anything non-profit and for fun, please go right ahead! just link back to the original video! feel free to use it in anything from AMVs, OC stuff and fan games related to the content.

Alternatively if you cannot find any legal way to listen to or download my content, feel free to use a youtube/soundcloud to mp3 downloader, I’d rather have everyone listening to my work and enjoying it as they please. But I do have spotify, itunes, amazon music, apple music, etc.

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