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How to Make a slideshow Video from photos with Music

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How to make Slideshow video with pictures and music
Hindi Tutorial","make video with pictures and music
Make professional video of "Slideshow" Prom Photos/ Pictures with Music. How to match photo with video slide show.
matching music with video slide show movavie editor.

Best Video Editor 2018 (Hindi) How to Make Video With Pictures and Music in Movavi video editor, in Hindi With Effects Step by Step Tutorial..

A video you make from your favorite photos will always be unique and special. This is why it makes a perfect birthday or wedding gift for your loved ones. A slideshow is also a great way to get your point across in a business presentation or school project.
Movavi Video Editor for Windows and Mac is a great piece of video editing software that also works as a slideshow maker and helps you create amusing videos with pictures and music.

Watch this tutorial to learn how to make an amazing video from photos with music, transitions, captions and titles!
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Learn About how to make Professional videos with pictures and music in 10 simple steps using the Movavi Video Editor Software !
To create a photo video start with a best audio , song or any music file then split with pattern of your audio file.
Next import Photos to the app. Adjust photo duration and Re-order the photos to create a complete professional video
Nest setup Set up smooth transitions Effects –
and add animation zoom and pan option .

Next for Photo slide show - Set desired Titles with cool animations creating a professional look! Now add sticker, filter effects to video. Finally, Export your video
This is a great video editing and photo slide show making app for every moments of your life, - travel, holidays, birthday etc.
This is best for school , teachers and youtuber. Apart from photographs, you can use any images for your slideshow, as graphs, diagrams, maps, etc. Instead of background music, add narration for your school or business slideshow or record it right away, using a built-in voice recording app.

Music at end of video-
Jabra Song | Fan | Shah Rukh Khan | Nakash Aziz

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