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The Flash Hand Spinner Fidget Toy

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The Flash Hand Spinner Fidget Toy is one one of the most requested of the Comic Book related hand spinners on my channel... apart from My Superman, Spiderman and Batman spinners that I've already made.

it all started last November when Dan The Maker Man casually asked if i could make a batman handspinner. i made one that ended up being one of my most popular videos to date. Dan ended up making his own Batman spinner as well.

since them we have talked back and forth discussing the possibility of a Flash hand spinner... so in an coincidental sort of way we both ended up making a flash hand spinner within a few days of each other. after talking a bit about it we decided to do a simultaneous publication of each of our own versions of the flash spinner. you'll find the link to Dan's version and his channel below below.

For those of you that saw the first version of this video, i had to change it, the aspect ratio was giving me problems so this is the better (YouTube friendly) version

now i know i keep saying this is not a spinner channel, and it isn't...but that doesn't mean i can't make a spinner once in a while.

Dan"s Flash spinner:

Dan's Channel:

Dan's Batman spinner:

My Batman hand spinner:

My Spiderman Spinner:

My Superman Spinner:

My 9 Gear Fidget hand spinner:


my spinner playlist:

“Not Going" and "Wilted” by Ryan Bitters (
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