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Wondering why Russian women's feminity is so complex?

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Remember when Vladimir Putin AFFRONTED German Chancellor Angela Merkel with…a bouquet of flowers?

This time Anna will explain why for Russian women receiving flowers isn’t a “sexist affront” and what we at Russia Beyond call a post-feminist country.

We think that generally it’s incorrect to say that gender-related discrimination in Russia is a THING.

And it’s not true to say that Russian women are housewives first, professionals - second.

At present Russia ranks Second in the world for the number of female business owners. More than 30% of all entrepreneurs in Russia are women… And at least half of them are more qualified, boasting better education than their Western European peers. Also compare 29% of female scientific researchers worldwide with 41% in Russia.

However, Russia is huge with vast parts of the country still striving for basic needs. Equality, ethics and moral are for the privileged few enjoying the top of Maslow’s pyramid.

Many lack education on gender roles within each family, following in the steps of their dysfunctional parents. Psychological health is still a fresh concept in Russia. Hopefully positive changes will spread fast.

The Russian woman has been enjoying the same social and political rights as the Russian man for nearly 100 years now.

Along the way she had to loose and then re-claim her femininity. At the end of the day: it’s up to the woman to choose whether she wants a career, a family, both or none. Neither path will be socially condemned.

That leaves Russian women with one gender-related unresolved problem: the quantity and quality of men in Russia.

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