Röyksopp - Church (Lost Tapes)

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The Lost Tapes playlist is available to stream here: https://royksopp.lnk.to/losttapesYo

Or you can stream and download each track from the Lost Tapes playlist here:
Ice Machine: https://royksopp.lnk.to/IceMachYo
I Just Don't Understand You: https://royksopp.lnk.to/IJDUYyo
Rescue: https://royksopp.lnk.to/rescueyo
Across The Graveyard: https://royksopp.lnk.to/graveyardyo
Church: https://royksopp.lnk.to/churchyo
In The End: https://royksopp.lnk.to/endyo
I Wanna Know: https://royksopp.lnk.to/wannaknowyo
Rising Urge: https://royksopp.lnk.to/risingurgeyo

This track saw the light of day in 2013. This one's for Daniel.

Signs of life - introducing «Lost Tapes»:

Upon renovating our arctic chateau here in the desolate north, we came across an old sea chest containing an abundance of rare B-sides, exclusives - & even some previously unreleased tracks. We thought the only right thing would be to make these «hard-to-find» tracks available for those of you who prefer to stream music. So therefore we’ve created a playlist called «Lost Tapes». The Playlist will be updated as we go, make sure you subscribe. All obscure tracks will eventually see the light of day.

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