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With so much good music arriving in the Exit inbox it was decided that a various artist project was needed to ensure that it all sees the light of day and doesn't get caught up in a never ending schedule of singles.

As normal with Exit Records, there's no prejudice in the track selection. Well known producers such as Skream, Instra:mental, Scuba and Commix rub shoulders with some inspiring new talents such as Indigo, Synkro, Mode and Code 3. The theme of the album is quality timeless music, whether it be a dance floor killer such as Systems 'Observation Point' or Loxy and Resounds 'Vertigo' through to the tangerine dreamlike sounds of Croms 'Invisible Cities' or Stray's 'Pushed', this album truly represents the more experimental side of Drum and Bass as opposed to the crash bang wollop which seems to be the only side of Drum and Bass portrayed by the mainstream media today.

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