Public Enemy - What Good Is A Bomb - Obama's Foreign Policy & The Fake Boston Bombing

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I've been checking out President Obama's foreign policy since his first term. Quite frankly I've never been impressed with it. It seems our president is has been bombing brown people in certain parts of our world, but has the support of a large number of Black Americans. Damn, that's weird, but that is Mind Control at work. Do the majority of Black Americans know or understand what President Obama's foreign policy really is? The majority of Black Americans hated President Bush for doing the same damn thing! Listen, I'm a Black man in America and what I have to say is. MY PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE THE HELL UP!!!! MY PEOPLE NEED KNOW IF ALL THEIR THOUGHT ARE REALLY THEIR OWN!!!

I watched a interview by Jeremy Scahill on this topic on YouTube.Then on WBAI, which is a New York City Pacifica Broadcasting Radio Station, I heard a lecture by again Jeremy Scahill dealing with Obama's ordering of Drone Strikes & Cluster Bombing (Cluster Bombs are illegal, Cluster Munitions Prohibition Act 2009 which specifically prohibits it.) of Yemen. Our President, as it is not being reported correctly in the Main Stream Media, which, what is ever reported correctly in the Main Stream Media, is as I said in the previous paragraph, bombing brown people which includes civilians, women & children just like his white predecessors, claims the bombings are saving lives, LOL. Damn, on that tip, I ask this question, WHAT GOOD IS A BOMB? Jeremy Scahills book "Dirty Wars - The World Is A Battle Field" is some interesting reading for those who want to really know what is really going on in the world, also dealing with the Obama Foreign Policy. Read Books, Exercise Your Mind. Read Between The Lines Of The Main Stream Media, Don't Just Believe The Madness That Is Reported. Also from what I overstand, Scahills powerful book "Dirty Wars" is now a newly released full featured movie that has just been released. Check This Out, 3:35 - 4:00 We Have Freedom Of Speech, Doesn't Mean We Are Free To Speak.

Now as for the Boston Marathon Bombing Hoax, all you have to do is look on YouTube at the one hundred or so videos that people who are "In-The-Know" have posted on their channels exposing the FAKE BOMBING PLOT. But the media is still reporting this as if it was actually real. Unbelievable if you are not "In-The-Know". If you are "In-The-Know" then you overstand the media is Full Of Shit, will report things to manipulate and deceive as many of the masses as it can and it is of know surprise to you. So I ask this again, WHAT GOOD IS A BOMB, ESPECIALLY IF IT IS FAKE, AND MANY PEOPLE CAN SEE THROUGH THE ILLUSION? WHAT GOOD IS A BOMB. IT DESTROYS LIFE WHETHER BLACK OR WHITE! Peace 2 All.

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