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The Fifth Element - Official Movie Trailer

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Taking place in the distant future, The Fifth Element is a high budget and visually striking science fiction movie starring Bruce Willis as Korben Dallas, a retired soldier turned cab driver. While working his route and on the verge of suspension, a young girl literally falls through the roof of Korben's cab. Oddly dressed, speaking an unheard language, and obviously on the run from officials, Korben decides to forfeit his license and help this young, attractive girl. After evading officials, Korben learns the girls name is Leeloo (Milla Jovovich), a genetically constructed perfect being sent by ancient aliens to help mankind avoid its demise. Earth is given an expiration date when it is discovered that a large orb of lava is hurling through space and the trajectory puts Earth directly in its path. Korben and Leeloo must go on a mission of extreme importance to save humanity from certain destruction all while the undeniably evil creature named Zorg (Gary Oldman) tries to stop them so that he may control Earth's destiny. The Fifth Element is heavily stylized in a extremely loose and liberated futuristic Earth theme and peppered with visual eye candy that gives small pieces of insight into the future. Although the plot and dialogue are high on the cheese factor, it is purposefully so, making The Fifth Element a slightly comedic action sci-fi movie and a easy watch. - John C. Powell

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