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R E W A R D // #JYMR

"Come and be my exceedingly great reward
You're the treasure that I would give my whole life for
What would it profit me to gain the world but lose my soul?
I know my life is not my own."

It's finally here! Recorded live at the Onething Gathering in Singapore earlier this year, I've been amazed at how this song has resonated with young and old since we first introduced it at the Burning Hearts Conference in 2017. May this give language and fuel to the desire in the hearts of a generation to "know You and be known as Yours."

Thank you to amazing friends who convinced me this song needed to be released ASAP, and gave their time, energy, and talent to help me do it:
Vocals: Hui Ting Ng, Kirsten Ephraim, Abigail Yeo, Shaun Leow
Additional Vocals: Evangeline Quek, Krysta D'Souza, Sherman Wong
Additional Keys: Wei Jie Lee, Gideon Lim
Guitars: Wei Ming Lun, Jonathan Boey
Additional Guitars: David Yem
Bass: Shawn Walrus
Drums: Ephraim Thong
Produced by: Josh Yeoh and Gideon Lim
Mixed by: Caleb Chan
Mastered by: Jerry Chua
Video by: Samuel Do

Available REALLY soon on iTunes, Spotify, and most major online stores. |
#JYMR #JesusYoureMyReward

“Reward” Words and Music by Josh Yeoh
© 2017 Joshua Yeoh CCLI 7122005
“I Have Decided To Follow Jesus” Public Domain

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