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Sweetwood - A celebration of Feelgood

Sweetwood is a brand-new project of Amsterdam based writers/producers collective Voice Calling Radio. Sweetwood celebrates feelgood music of the last 40 years by releasing new & original tracks based on the sound of music from past and present. This sound does not restrict itself to one genre but may originate from rock, pop, hip hop, funk or dance music.

Although all tracks are original compositions, Sweetwood's influences are clearly audible. Besides releasing their own tracks Sweetwood respectfully pays homage to a vast array of fantastic writers, producers, composers and artists from the past. On their social media pages, Sweetwood will tell the story where they got the inspiration from for their own music.

• On Facebook and Instagram there will be a 'Sweetwood Daily Snack': every day a new track from the past with the typical "Very Sweetwood" sound.
• Every week Sweetwood will celebrate a 'Very Sweetwood Artist Of The Week', so listeners interested in a certain sound, can discover this music more in depth.
• As a counter reaction to the trend of consumers becoming more and more "track focused" as opposed to "album focused", Sweetwood will feature an 'Album Of The Month'. A classic album that according to Sweetwood is far more than the sum of its individual tracks.
• There will be a 'Weekly Wisdom' quote from a famous musician or producer.

Sweetwood's wish is to put a smile on the face of the older music lovers who "have been there and heard it" and at the same time to help a new generation discover "new-old-music". People who are not restricted by style, era or image but just triggered by music that makes one feel good.... Now that's Very Sweetwood!

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