The Stupids (UK) live @ Anglo Asian club, Newcastle.UK.6th December 1986 (full audio)

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Killer live tape here by UKHC originators The Stupids, recorded in Newcastle, England in December 1986. For some reason, i never saw many Stupids live shows being traded around in ye ol' Tape trading days, although they certainly played live enough back then. The band blast through 21 songs in 44 minutes here beautifully contrasted with witty stage banter (The Geordies were asking for it to be honest). This gig was apparently Paulie Pizza's first gig with the band & he does a smashing job too. As this is 29 years old, it has suffered a little from age deterioration & there's some slight tape whirl at the start of the recording, but as the gig continues,the sound gets MUCH better & Clearer. So much so, that i think members of Hellbastard can be heard in the audience shouting out "VOIVOD" "FROST" & "HELLHAMMER" for a couple of annoying minutes. Why they should these particular band names at the Stupids is lost on me too. Anyway, enjoy this almost 30 year old piece of UKHC history courtesy of Suffolk's finest, The Stupids.

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