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Do you have that friend, relative or loved one who always goes that extra mile and thinks mostly of others before themselves? It's an exhausting way to live, eventually those wonderful people burn out and need some fresh encouragement. So play them this song.

Give them an ego boost...go's social moodia!

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File under scAT3rbRa1Nz.

Ghost Kollective - Extraordinary
When you were young you had the time to grow
Now everyone’s faster than you
Tearing up, making tracks around you
The man on the tv tells you what to know
He tells you you’re better for it
As long as you don’t question why….

...never mind…’s best you don’t know… really don’t want to know…

You’re extraordinary….don’t let them take you down….

Now that you’re older all the blame is yours
Yours to own, yours to pay, yours to take it away
Yours to fear, yours to doubt, yours to stress all about

...don’t you dare…
...I see that you worry ‘bout it…
...but you don’t ever talk about it…

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