Dos Card Game Rules and Gameplay Demo

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Dos is the followup to Uno, but the rules are a lot more complex. Once you know what you can do and what each move does, it gets a lot easier. This video will hopefully give a visual, learnable method to wrapping your brain around a rather headache-inducing rules booklet.

-Each turn you can play one card on each card on the center row that matches that number for a Single Match OR
-You could play two cards whose numbers equal the number on any card in the center row for a Double Match
-If all cards played on a center card match the color as well, you have a Color Match
-For a Single Color Match, you add a card from your hand to the center row at the end of the turn
-For a Double Color Match, you do the same but also each other player draws a card
-After you have played your cards, discard all piles you played on in the center row
-If there are less than two cards in the center at the end of the turn, place cards from the deck until there are two
-After refreshing the center row, add any cards you are allowed to play due to Color Matches
-A 2 card can be any color
-A # card can be any number
-If you can’t play a card on your turn, draw one; if you have a match available you may play it OR
-If you don’t have a match or choose not to play one, add a card from your hand to the center row
-At any time you have two cards, you must say DOS; if another player beats you to it, draw two cards at the end of the turn
-First player to empty their hand wins! Add up the total points for each other player, and the winner receives all of them
-Wild 2 cards are worth 20 points; # cards are worth 40 points; all other cards are worth face value
-The first player to reach 200 points wins

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