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Music written, performed and produced by Nick Standing
Animated by Vladimir Kuznetsov of World Beyond

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New town, a different attitude
But I didn’t think that it would be this way
Thought maybe the world had grown up
And is it too much to ask to just leave me be

And they’re shouting out of their cars
They’re calling out across the street
But I can’t let them show that it gets to me
Just want to flip them off and swear under my breath

When was it a crime to be different?
The world doesn’t need another prick like you
And I haven’t got it cut in ten years so don’t ask
Go get yourself a better hobby

Thought I’d left behind the taunts and discourtesy
With the bullies at school
But I guess the world’s still full of jerks like them
This gag is getting old

‘Cause I’ve had it since my teen years
Don’t think you’re being original
And I think it’s sad you have to rip on me
Just to make yourself feel bigger than an ant

Get yourself a better hobby
Get a life
Stay out of mine

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