Game of Thrones: Song of Ice and Fire (Main Theme) Feat. Jonathan Morris

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The finale aired last weekend, so love it or hate, after 8 years our Watch has ended. To celebrate this momentous occasion in TV history, my friend and colleague Jonathan Morris wrote this 4-hands duet of the show's main theme. This video would not have been possible without him. So if you like these type of piano visualizer/guitar hero-esque videos, you can check out his channel for more piano goodness.

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=======(The Details)=======

This is the 3rd cover of this track on the channel. The first time was the first time was also the first arrangement I'd done for the channel over 3 years ago. Then I covered it again for the premiere of season 7. Things have certainly come a long way since then.

This video was only possible thanks to Jonathan. He wrote the entire arrangement with my playing secondo and him playing primo. So please give him some love in the comments and be sure to check out his channel and his version of this cover.

Your Pianist,

Erik C.

P.S. Sorry for the gap in uploads lately. This is the last week of the semester before summer, where I'll have a lot more freetime. So expect things to pick up for the summer with new videos and bonus content.

#gameofthrones #songoficeandfire #RaminDjawadi

=======(More Info)=======

Tracks: Song of Ice and Fire
Composer: Ramin Djawadi
From: Game of Thrones
Arranged by: Jonathan Morris
Performed by: Erik Correll and Jonathan Morris

Midi: coming soon
Sheets: to be announced
Audio: coming soon

======== (Credits)=======

A very special thanks to all my patreon supporters, especially top donors:

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Danny Esquivel Leiva
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Michael Afanador
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Gavan Chan
Rodney Jones
Mert Bozkurt
Quentin Ponath

=======(Bonus Level)=======

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