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I Dream
Written, arranged and produced by Jasper Sawyer

Verse 1
You have been
Even more than I could dream of
Every joy you’ve given me, I can’t forget
There’s no regret

We took things slow
And I learned all of your virtues
But the one that lifted me
You already know…

Verse 2
Wait and see
How my arms hold you forever
There’s no way, you’ve wasted time with me
I feel my dreams

For us coming true
We built a space for me and you
So the things, that I will vow
Will mean everything to me
Pre Chorus
I’m ready to be a home for you
I’m ready to raise all my dreams and hopes with you

I dream you walking down to me
You look beautiful in white
And I vow to protect you for all time

I dream you standing next to me
As you place your hands in mine
And I vow to be yours
Vow to love you for the rest… 3x

Vow to love you for you the rest of my life

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