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Official stream for 'Burn The Years' by Remained.

looking back is not that easy
blurred images are all I see
bringing back suppressed memories
you were the first love that I cried for
the first love I thought I’d die for
deception in it’s best disguise

now I
now I know better
scars will stay
but now my eyes see more than grey

now I
now I know better
love can hurt
and always will

being numb
felt so familiar
my chest, cold and empty
you had my heart in your hands
and fucking tore it apart

but today I want to thank you
for giving me one of the worst times of my life
beside all darkness and all torture
I wouldn’t be who I am today
but honestly, I feel fine

I won’t
I won’t make
this mistake again
falling in love with a mask

where I
where I don’t know
what it hides

as you put it away our love died

when love and loss
seemed to be so similar I couldn’t see
any difference
my eyes were blinded by the misery,
that was not me
but finally I chose to be
the man I was until I found you

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