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Police Undercover: Phony Arrest Under Pretense of Law to Incite Violence #2

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Totally unprovoked arrest by a so call public servant, Don't ever address a cop even if he is the one that call you. Total nut-case, would fit well in the Toronto G 20 police gang.
The cop and the arrestee are putting a show in the hope that we would react badly and attack him, vicious and vain The cop has no ground to arrest any one but the arrestee who pretend to be my friend but is actually an informer, The only one who accepted to talk to the police and try to get us into trouble. Instead they were recorded and published on You-tube in all their fakery. It is entrapment and provocation. It is dishonest and an abuse of power when they have no ground to pull one of these. By the way this cop has criminal antecedent. Here is what happened:
Three guys walking on the sidewalk are approached by a police car, which stop at them, two of the guys keep walking the third (to be arrested) start talking to the cop, soon the cop come out of his car and start talking of arresting the guy for soliciting!!! That's when the 1st camera start rolling. See link below. I have come to the conclusion that the guy being arrested is a CI (Criminal indict) or an undercover police officer!!! So it was pure theater. Why did the arreste engage the cop? No pat down, no resistance from the arrestee, bragging about it's pay check. Plus some of the question he asked me when he was "released" from jail (what he said) all the BS of a snitch. He has not contacted me since I became suspicious of his attitude.
Homosexual Nazi calling was well deserved from the first impression I got of the event.
you can see more of the action on my channel Louaner, look for: . It start 3 :17 minutes earlier and stop 1:30 mn later. These videos have not been edited in anyway. Videotaped in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.
After the 1934 Nazi Party purge of Ernst Rohm and his coterie of working class homosexual supporters, gay Nazis like Reinhard Heydrich and Baldur von Schirach who originated from the German elite were permitted to hold high office and operate more or less in the open.

June 24, 2012 update; This same cops has just been implicated in a police brutality affairs over the week end, His name; ZARAFONITIS, PAUL, BADGE #9998

I own the copyright for this video. The people in this video is me and my friend, the cop the CI and the woman are in a public place, no consent on their part is required.

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