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Fri, Mar 22: President Trump Defends Free Speech! Black Man Drags ATM On Bus?! Jesse Takes Calls

Fri, Mar 22 Hour 1: President Trump Defends Free Speech!

| 1) President Trump signed an Executive Order on Thursday, which aimed to ensure that college campuses will continue to uphold free speech for everyone. The Order is a response to growing concerns from conservative voters who have realized that colleges and universities have become too liberal and anti-conservative. The Executive Order threatens to withhold billions of dollars in research funding if the colleges are unable to cooperate with maintaining free speech. The President’s opening statement. President Trump said these institutions were ‘anti-first amendment.’ President Trump encourages young Americans and students to continue to speak up for what is right. Trump believes this Executive Order will make life on college campuses easier.

Mark is a first time caller out of Texas who wanted to ask if Christians were allowed to have sex-out-of wedlock.

| 2) Joel and Jesse read this morning’s Super Chats!

Back to Mark out of Texas.

Brandie from Texas is a first time caller who is wondering about Jesse’s statement that all men who become emotional are women. She believes that the Bible says God has had angry moments.

Fri, Mar 22 Hour 2: Jesse takes Calls

| 1) Back to Brandie from Texas.

Rocki is a first time caller out of New York who called for some advice on raising her sons. She also needed some serious marriage advice and help forgiving her parents.

| 2) Jesse and Joel read some more of today’s Super Chats!

Back to Rocki from New York.

John is calling out of Illinois to ask Jesse what the Biblical reasons are for divorce.

Brandon is another first time caller out of Canada who called Jesse to ask him for some advice on dealing with people who accuse him of having white privilege.

Fri, Mar 22 Hour 3: Black Man Drags ATM On Bus?!

| 1) A video went viral on Tuesday of a man from Newark, New Jersey attempting to drag an ATM machine onto a bus. But it turns out that it was staged by comedian Darius Kinney. Man Tries to Drag ATM Onto Bus in Prank On New Jersey Transit. The New Jersey Transit shared the video on their Twitter and asked customers to add a caption to the video. They later deleted the video after they were accused of creating the video themselves as a publicity stunt.

Earl from Michigan called to ask Jesse a Biblical question. He also wanted to comment on a previous caller’s question if anyone would want to have brain surgery from a doctor who was hired thanks to affirmative action.

Patrick is a first time caller from Canada who needed some advice on forgiving his parents.

Mike is a first time caller out of New Jersey who called to tell Jesse that gay conversion therapy worked for him! He did it about 10 years ago and claims he has been changed.

| 2) Joel and Jesse read the rest of today’s Super Chats!

Back to Mike.

Sion out of Georgia called to answer this week’s Biblical Question. She also needed some advice for her friend who is fooling around behind her husband’s back.

Maze from Dayton, Ohio called Jesse to Get It Off Her Chest!

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