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North Korea's firing violates spirit of Comprehensive Military Agreement: S. Korea

국방부 "北발사체 군사합의취지 어긋나... 긴장고조 중단촉구"

South's Korea's military has expressed concern over North Korea's firing of multiple projectiles over the weekend, urging the regime to stop raising tensions.
Seoul's military says it's working with the U.S. military to try and determine whether short-range ballistic missiles were included in the firing.
Kim Ji-yeon reports.
South Korea's defense ministry has called on North Korea to halt acts that raise tensions on the peninsula.
At a briefing on Tuesday... a defense ministry spokesperson said that although North Korea's firing of short-range projectiles last week did not constitute a violation of an inter-Korean military agreement signed last September..., it did go against the spirit of said bilateral accord.
Seoul's Joint Chiefs of Staff said South Korean and U.S. intelligence units are jointly investigating on the specific type of projectiles used by the North.
The Joint Chiefs of Staff confirmed that the regime had fired multiple short-range projectiles... involving a new type of tactical guided weapon as well as 240 and 300 millimeter multiple rocket launcher systems off its east coast between 9:06 AM and 10:55 AM, local time on Saturday.
It said the military is trying to determine whether the new tactical guided weapons were ballistic missiles... considering factors such as flying altitudes... but said obstacles remain in rendering further identification.
An official described that several projectiles have flown in altitudes between 20 and 60 kilometers... lower than short-range ballistic missiles... which fly at an altitude of some 80 kilometers and have a target range of some 250 kilometers.
On whether the projectiles could be short-range ballistic missiles like the Russian Iskander-class ballistic missile, known to be able to carry a nuclear warhead while being difficult to intercept by existing Patriot or Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense systems,... the South Korean military responded that such possibility is still under investigation.
Kim Ji-yeon, Arirang News.

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