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**TYRANT ALERT** Quadruple Amputee Body Slammed by Pima County Arizona Sheriff’s Deputy

Update: 4 minutes ago- PCSD deputy placed on administrative leave after allegedly restraining teen quadruple amputee, which means paid vacation.
UPDATE II: The deputy has been identified as Manuel Van Santen, according to the Arizona Republic. Van Santen is an award-winning deputy who was listed as president of the Fraternal Order of Police Pima County Lodge 20 in 2017.

Feinman, the Pima County Public Defender, told the Republic that Van Santen needs to be "punished accordingly."

"As a leader in public safety, we are committed to serving with honor, courage, and integrity in the fight against crime, and to work relentlessly toward making our community safe for the people of Pima County."

Pima County Arizona Sheriff’s Department (520) 351-4600

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