SphinxCon 2014: Session 1C - Rick Robinson, Stanford Thompson, David C. Howse / Ben Hires

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High standards form invisible barriers between new audiences and classical music, but Rick Robinson explains how water-shed moments can engage diverse audiences adn communities. Rick is founder of CutTime Productions.

Stanford Thompson explains how classical music training can help our youth overcome growing societal problems like youth violence, poverty, and the achievement gap. Stanford is CEO of "Play On, Philly!"

David C. Howse, Executive Director of the Boston Children's Chorus, explains how integrating choral singing and anti-bias training with a focus on the reimagining of self and others can help improve diversity sufficiency. Accompanying David C. Howse is Mr. Ben Hires. Ben Hires joined the Boston Children's Chorus (BCC) in July 2009 as the Director of Programs.

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