Babaji - Supertramp co-founder Roger Hodgson, Writer and Composer

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Roger Hodgson, co-founder of Supertramp, is the singer/songwriter of Babaji, a stunningly beautiful gem from the 1977 album, Even in the Quietest Moments. Roger pours himself into his songs and gives us these treasures that greatly touch our emotions as well as stay in our hearts and minds. Be sure to see Roger in concert and you will witness firsthand a show that will stay with you.

Roger also gave us eternal classics such as Give a Little Bit, Take the Long Way Home, Breakfast in America, The Logical Song, Dreamer, It's Raining Again, School, Fool's Overture, Hide in Your Shell and many more. He has also released several spectacular solo albums. He is the Voice you have been listening to on most of the classic hit songs that were recorded by Supertramp, the Voice people all over the world love. Audiences are once again experiencing the magic & spirit that Roger Hodgson created with Supertramp. Although Roger & Supertramp's other co-founder shared writing credit, they actually wrote & composed separately with each singing their own respective songs.

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Share your experience of Roger's shows or what his songs mean to you ~

"At your concert last night - what a night!! Your voice resonated thru the ceiling uplifting our spirits and our hearts.You were amazing your voice better than ever. Your obvious delight in the audiences response was humbling. The best concert ever!!"

"Thank-You Roger for the wonderful gift that you give to your fans every time you perform. Your Musicianship, Melodies & Heart shone out and engulfed us as you took us back to more peaceful times in our lives."

"What a wonderful experience last night; a great sense of shared warmth; for music that has been held for years inside individuals as their own, melded with their personal memories and feelings that suddenly not only belongs to others gathered around too, but suddenly seems to belong to one man yet even more powerfully and deeply. Of course! It's the performer; the very creator and artist himself; it's HIS music, and he's playing it just a few yards away..Fantastic."

"Having listened to your music for over 30 years now, I find myself more moved and further enriched by your music as the years go on. Your music is endless. I have to say you're a true reflection of your music. An Inspiration."

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